Hiking Mount Muhavura from Gorilla Hills eco-lodge

Uganda is simply is the most beautiful country in East Africa and thats why its called  the “pearl of Africa”. It has alot of hills and beautiful scenery

Muhabura-The Guide in the local language, Kinyarwanda, is an extinct volcano in the Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda and Uganda—it lies partly in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda and partly in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda.

For climbers, you should fear not! There is a mountain in Kisoro district to take a hike and is also easily accessible by car. Mount Muhabura is the country’s 3rd tallest mountain at around 4,127 meters. Muhabura provides hikers with a challenging ascent with its own rewards that include fantastic views of the surrounding countryside as well as wildlife including birds, Primates and Buffalos. Though most travelers hike the mountain after a gorilla tour in Mgahinga National Park, independent hikes are also possible.

Getting There

Its about 8 hours from Kampala to Kisoro where this mountain is housed. You can choose to hire a car or use public means.

When You Arrive

You will be spotted soon enough after reaching by Uganda wildlife authority guides who will come running out to you. You will be taken to the visitor center and assisted as requested. After paying for the activity, you will be given a guide to take you up to the peak of Mt. Muhabura and if you have a back packs then request for a porter who will help you carry your luggage. Enjoy the scenic views of DRC, Rwanda as well as Uganda. The hike is a bit steep and so demanding.

The name Muhabura means sentinel in Kinyarwanda (the local dialect) .The hike will typically take a full day. The Park fees for the climb are currently USD$ 75 per person which includes the park guide. The trek begins at around 7.00am from at park headquarters in Kinigi, from where visitors will have to drive / be driven to the base of the volcano.

Mount Muhabura may not be as glamorous as other better-known tourist stops, but it certainly offers outdoor enthusiasts a fun, day long activity that’s near Kisoro and, best of all, it’s pretty darn cheap.

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